NCIA Bylaws

With its formation in 1977, the National Council of Instructional Administrators (NCIA), an affiliate of the American Association of Community Colleges, quickly grew to become one of the largest affiliates of the AACC. It has evolved over time providing for the instructional administrator an agenda for leadership, advocacy, innovation and professional development.

The National Council of Instructional Administrators supports the principles, goals, and objectives of the American Association of Community Colleges and is committed to leadership, innovation, advocacy, and development for the improvement of teaching and learning.


LEADERSHIP: The National Council of Instructional Administrators provides leadership for advancement of instructional programs, activities, and support services.

INNOVATION: The National Council of Instructional Administrators promotes innovation through the recognition and dissemination of information regarding exemplary instructional programs and administrative practices.

ADVOCACY: The National Council of Instructional Administrators provides a forum for the identification, discussion, and dissemination of instructional issues, and takes action on behalf of its members.

DEVELOPMENT: The National Council of Instructional Administrators provides professional development activities for the enhancement of its members.

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Goals and Activities

To accomplish the mission of the National Council of Instructional Administrators the following goals have been adopted:

  • Identify, research, and articulate emerging and future instructional issues. Develop and disseminate policy recommendations.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of instructional administrators through the promotion of professional development.
  • Recognize exemplary educational programs, practices, leadership, and service.
  • Collaborate with AACC councils and other educational organizations.
  • Promote scholarship and research to enhance teaching, learning, and student success.
  • Promote an education environment that values differences and similarities in human conditions and cultures.

A Brief History of the NCIA

During the early 1970s the American Association of Community Colleges encouraged the formation of councils representing specific interests. By 1976 there still was not a council representing instructional interests. As instruction is the reason for AACC's existence, a group of community college deans began discussing the possibility of forming an AACC affiliated council to represent instructional interests.

In April of 1977 a group of approximately 50 instructional administrators met at the AACC convention in Denver to discuss the feasibility of forming such a council. At that initial meeting consensus was reached to begin the process of formally establishing the NCIA. The original officers elected at that meeting were Roger Van Winkle, President, from Harford Community College; Bob Evans, Vice President, from Olympic College; Jeff Lukenbill, Secretary, from Miami Dade Community College; and Elmer Kuhn, Treasurer, from Prince George's Community College. This group guided the organization through its formative years. Bylaws were adopted and affiliation was granted by AACC at its 1978 annual meeting in San Francisco. 

Since its establishment the NCIA has taken a leadership role on a wide range of both regional and national issues including specialized accreditation, entry-level standards into nursing, assessment and competency based instruction. Today the Council continues as a vital contributor to the two year college movement. As an affiliate council of AACC, and in cooperation with other affiliate councils and national organizations, the NCIA strives to promote effective practices and exemplary leadership in instructional programs that promote student access, learning and success in two year colleges.

 1977-78 Roger Van Winkle
1978-79Roger Van Winkle
1979-80Robert Evans
1980-81Jeffrey Lukenbill
1981-82Roger Van Winkle
1982-83Gerald Bazer
1983-84Donald Goss
1984-85Dan Moriarty
1986-87Charles Hall
1987-88Carol Viola
1988-89Roland Chapdelaine
1989-90Betty Duvall
1990-91Karen Bowyer
1991-92Ann Foxworthy
1992-93Jesse Jones
1993-94Carlton Williams
1994-95Patricia Dyer
1995-96Sharon Bradwish-Miller
1996-97Linda Timmerman
1997-98Gerald Bazer
1998-99Janet Portolan
1999-2000Mike Tacha
2000-01Susan McBride
2001-02Don Yeager
2002-03Julie Hatoff
2003-04Russ DeVriendt
2004-05Johnnie Simpson
2005-06Gloria Ann Lopez
2006-07Judy Murray
2007-08Randy Van Wagoner
2008-09Marilyn D. Rhinehart
2009-10Kathleen V. Hall
2010-11Carmen Simone
2011-12Al Buyok
2012-13Lisa Stich
2013-14Margo Martin
2014-16Amy Fugate
2016-18Dennis Headrick
2018-20Erika Hackman